Saturday, 4 April 2009

Bonkers New Single - DIZZIE RASCAL

Those of you who were lucky enough to live through the seventies (Well... That's an opinion point) are likely to be distracted when looking back on the era by the colors, the music, the culture and Gary Glitter. One thing you will probably have to be reminded of is the strange vocabulary that developed;
  • Bam!
  • To the max
  • Physce
  • Boo-yah
  • Bone Jacked

But my personal favorite is the emergence of the word "Bonkers", and I have Dizzie Rascal to thank for the comeback this word is scheduled to make.
Dizzie Rascal is the reason that hip-hop still survives. His most recent album, Maths + English , and collaborations with Calvin Harris and others (The lovely Lily Allen, and Joe Lean) further secured Dizzie as a successful mainstream artist. His Last single, Dance Wiv Me is widely accepted as one of the theme tunes to last summer

In His latest single, he teams up with Armand Van Helden to deliver a sound that is about as close to musical nirvana as possible with a catchy synth driven chorus,
ome people think I'm bonkers but I just think I'm free/ And I'm just livin my life there's nothing crazy about meeeee."
Some have branded recent efforts as lacking in the substance and humour he once transmitted, and dubbing 'Bonkers' as just simply a 'Dance Wiv Me' afterthought.
It is true, the single is repetitive, and is not as lyrically dependant as for instance, 'Fix Up, Look Sharp'.

Like Kanye West's, The Rascal is simply experimenting with his sound and 'Bonkers' is a happy accident, perhaps the penicillin discovery in Grime.
I had to look long and far to find you a bootleg of this song, but it has been acheived (see below) and I will not rest till it is released.

O.A.S.U.M asks, What's your personal opinion? Dancey Dizzie or Grime Dizzie?
Comments would be lovely!

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