Saturday, 27 June 2009

Ebony Bones

I have been fortune enough to have been brought up spending every Christmas in the warm confides of Antigua and every time I visit I observe how incredibly energetic and upbeat a-feeling atmosphere the Island gives off.

This energy is perfectly captured by a Miss Ebony Thomas (Ebony Bones), who I have had the recent pleasure of listening to. She writes, produces and records her own music in her bedroom, but is not to be mistaken with this years breed of 'bedroom-pop' campaigners. After Zane Lowe gave her single We Know All About U the position of "The Hottest Record In The World Today", Bones became the most played unsigned artist on Radio 1. What to call her genre? It simply cannot be categorized with such a demeaning title as 'Carnival Pop!

The first record I heard by this entirely new type of diva was 'The Muzik', a tinny but contrastingly fiery track. One of the track's themes is defiance, and those united by oppression. The song listens more like a sermon or a Battle speech than anything else, the video cleverly uniting people from all over the world through 'The Muzik'. It has this weird stirring effect in the depths of your soul, Wonderful!

While, We Know All About You manages a funky, but very intimidating emulation of a 1984 world. Ebony Bones could possibly be something COMPLETELY NEW on to the pop culture scene.

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