Saturday, 22 August 2009

Another Elly.. Ellie Goulding

I finally have a newcomer to watch, Ellie Goulding. Her name almost rhymes with Laura Marling and has about the same number of letters, but this girl sings Polly Scattergood landscapes with Laura Marling's blissfull voice with Passion Pit's synth sophistication. The combination is hardly a diva, actually a bit reminiscent of some of Avril Lavigne's downbeat songs, which can be a bit of a flannel dampener. Forgeting the flannel, her music is beautiful folksy electro, a pudding (desert to you americans) to Goldfrapp's 'Seventh Tree'. Try it;

However much I love Passion Pit, I never liked 'Sleepyhead'. It sort of reminded me of the voices that people hear in their heads just before they decide to massacre a school because 'They Don't Like Mondays.' Nice little Boomtown Rats homage there...
This rework with Starsmith is the business, and gives Ellie the upbeat sound she lacked a wee bit;

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