Friday, 25 September 2009

Boycott Corporate Manipulative Bullshit (BCMB)

Flick through your television machine and you're pressented with an array of high budget, hackneyed colourful reality TV programmes. The X Factor is just one of these; all of these 'change your life forever shows' which manipulate vunerable people, be them poor, or young and insecure.

Perhaps the worst current contender is 'Grease: The School Musical' presenting us with 30 or so minors all given the chance to have 'a one in a lifetime opportunity' or some other soppy phrase. The poor children are put under so much pressure at such an early age and the result of this is broadcasted nationally.
'To go in to schools and have children perform (and crash) in front of TV cameras purely for entertainment is the lowest of the low.'

Going into schools invites a whole new cohort into a unhealthy obsession with fame.

So, I invite you to jon this in agreement to boycott this sort of television, not just for quality of viewing or whatever. And you have to fucking mean it as well. I'm just gonna skip the channel.

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