Tuesday, 14 July 2009

The Magic Numbers!

The Magic Numbers are coming back apparently! I don't know anything more than this, but according to some newspaper picture I picked up at the Blur festival they are! There was a picture with all their happy smiling faces beaming at me, they honestly look like the happiest most honest group ever.
The set of siblings sat up give this band's sound a really close-knit feel, almost as if everyone was contributing! I think it was actually my dad who introduced them to me.......... *que tumbleweed*

I guess this band suits my dad though, because they too look as if they are still in a different, carefree era! Their debut cult album sound-tracked my 2005 summer, their close to perfect 'Love Me Like You' sounds like the sound equivalent of evening sunshine. Perhaps one of my favorite tracks of theirs is 'Hymn for her' , a hidden track starting at 7.17 on the track 'try', the last 3 minutes of which are a musical, glockenspiel-y epiphany.

(Note: 'In the field of recorded music, a hidden track (sometimes secret track or ghost track) is a piece of music that has been placed on a CD, audio cassette, vinyl record or other recorded medium in such a way as to avoid detection by the casual listener.' - Wikipedia)

Their second album, 'Those the Brokes' didn't achieve quite the same success that the previous reached the same sucess of the previous one in single sales, so I am imploring you to buy their new album and singles when it is finished. LOVE!

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